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These are the GNU tools re-targeted for the MIPS R3000R and R5900 processors as shipped with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 video game consoles, both from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI). This project aims to track current releases of these tools (binutils, gcc, gdb and glibc) with plans on eventually merging upstream.


2005-09-13: TX79 Core Architecture Rev 2.0 made available for download.
2005-09-13: Project approved for hosting.


Patches are available for download.

The accompanying GNU tools are available from their respective homepages, see Links below.

Current development sources are available via anonymous read-only CVS or ViewCVS.


There are instructions on how to build these tools.

Additional information on each of the GNU tools is available at their respective homepages, see Links below.

The TX79 core from Toshiba Semiconductor is a R5900 spin-off, with only minor differences between the two. Thusly, TX79 Core Architecture is a freely available manual aside of any Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). The R4000 and R10000 Microprocessor User Manuals compliment this quite nicely; grab them from the SGI techpubs library.

Mailing Lists

The main list for development-related discussion is <> [archives].

CVS commit logs are posted in real-time to <> [archives].

To subscribe to any of the above, send the line "subscribe" in the body of a message to eg., <>.

To change subscription preferences or even unsubscribe, visit the Mailman listinfo pages for either ps-gnu-tools-devel or ps-gnu-tools-commits.

Request an Enhancement

If you would like any new features to be included in future releases of these tools, send a request to <>.

Please remember that development of these tools is a volunteer effort, and that you can also contribute to their development. For other information about contributing to the GNU project, please read How to help GNU.

Report a Bug

If you think you've found a bug, please file as complete a report as possible with the bug tracker.

If unsure as to what constitutes a full report, please read and/or as a reference.


There's a list of pending tasks and bugs for stuff that needs work and/or fixing.

Patches addressing any of the above should go primarily to the patch tracker. On new submissions, this automagically sends out a message to <> where further review may occur. Patches adding new features are also welcome, but please, no creeping featurism.

Write access to the CVS repository for those interested in active development is available on request. In which case, you might want to familiarize yourself with both Contributing to GCC and Extending and Contributing to GCC. The ideas discussed therein apply here as well.


The GNU Tools for Playstation are currently maintained by Arthur Othieno <>.

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